Monday, 28 December 2009

Doing nu stuff

Currently nibbling on some nice stuff including:

Heather Christle, The Difficult Farm
Daniel Bailey, The Drunk Sonnets
Ciccone Youth, The Whitey Album
Dan Deacon, Spiderman of the Rings
Why? Elephant's Eyelash

For what it's worth.

Yeah, also started to put together a poetry manuscript. This is what it's called:

Bingo Leopards (1945-when?)

I'm bringing out a chapbook called Green at My Name is Mud Books

Hope everybody's happy etc.

I feel like an orange sports car


Ani Smith said...

Why? and Dan Bailey are two of my favorite things.

I would like to see your poetry. Um, please.

Adam J Maynard said...

Oh thanx Ani. When I say manuscript, there's only around ten poems so far, but I'm bringing out a chapbook called Green on My Name is Mud books soon. Send me your e-mail adress to and i'll send it. Happy's new years.

Greg Santos said...

I second wanting to see your poetry, Adam! G