Thursday, 30 October 2008

Yum Yum/ Terry Deeks

Sam Pink sent me Yum-Yum I can't wait to die. It's lovely and when I'm reading it, it feels like a giant marble statue is weeing on me, or as if I have been eating hornets for breakfast. Also Terry Deeks just sent me a story about a loony who collects chainsaws which are all engraved with skulls and shit and have names like 'The Grinder'. It's also pretty delectable and will appear soon at My Name is Mud alongside another of his confections. I still can't quite fathom why some publisher hasn't rolled over and pulled it's butt cheeks apart to publish one of Terry's books, ah well.

Many congratulations to Blake Butler, Shane Jones and Brandon Scott Gorrell on getting their manuscripts accepted etc.

Thursday, 23 October 2008


That mountain has a nice ass of pinecone blue
Silver bees buzz around the lemon elephant sheets
Bright blue sky, bright green rain
Happy pixies in green times, Coca-Cola trolls
Silver bees in the thin cool darkness
Pinecone blue light up in the mountains
Bright smiles in the mountains
A monkey in a speedboat
In the green rain, in the mountains
Bees buzz in the thin shafts of silvery light
They suddenly shoot through your garage
Only droning very faintly, being quite quiet
And the mountains are breathing,
They’re being very good

New work coming soon at My Name is Mud

New writing from Kendra Grant Malone, Chris Mc Sween, Brandon Scott Gorrell, Colin Basset, Brandi Wells, Alex Rettie, Mike Sikkema and Terry Deeks will be appearing at MNIM soon.