Sunday, 29 June 2008

No Posit/Alice Notley

The people at No Posit are publishing a couple of my pieces which is good. I'm enjoying Alice Notley at ve mo. Margaret and Dusty in bed on a Sunday morning and a big red cup of coffee.

Next pair of shoes

Tuesday, 10 June 2008


I just forgot to tell you, but another one of my things is set to appear at Spooky Boyfriend soon. Plus, I hope to be moving my slothful behind towards putting new stuff up at My Name is Mud. There is a bucketload of lovely writings from people like Prathna Lor, Shane Jones, Matthew Savoca and Paige Taggart and actually more than that actually. It should be.

Lamination Colony

Err, I have a new thing called Anyway up at Lamination Colony. Lamination colony is a very nice place to be, or a good place to be lost. Enjoy it. I'm off to eat an orange steak and have some Gremlin fun.