Saturday, 29 January 2011

My Name is Mud Books Launch Party

Modern Art Oxford will be hosting a Book launch and party for Issue One of My Name is Mud and Green, poems by Adam J Maynard. 7-9pm Saturday 5th February 2011

Featuring readings from:

Ani Smith
Cassandra Troyan
Adam J Maynard

Also there will be films of various authors from the issue reading their stuff and stuff

and a dance to the music of Sun City Girls

And Mbira music from Zimbabwe

and booze and other shit

plus Dj Simon Wright (Scratch Nights) playing Ariel Pink, freak folk whatever etc...

plus a special guest appearance from Yoda

and you'll be able to buy the book, plus it's free to get in!!

be there if yr in Oxford

more info here

order the books here

Authors in issue one:

Kendra Grant Malone, Daniel Bailey , Adam J Maynard, Maurice Burford
TR Deeks, Sabra Embury, Brandon Scott Gorell, Prathna Lor, Todd Colby
Paige Taggart, Joseph Goosey, K. Silem Mohammad,Cassandra Troyan
Hickory Assbags