Saturday, 14 March 2009


A tiny man is climbing my bookshelf
In the garden I see a ladybird
Smoking a cigarette, staring at the sun,

There are some pirates in a diner,
With bright sun thrown on the table
Laughing, fiddling with cups and fingers

Two people in bunny costumes blow bubbles
In the cold grey air which is a mystery

Now I see a tiny vapour horse
Blooming on my window sill

Thursday, 5 March 2009


An elf in crotch less panties
Sitting on a giant blueberry

A beautiful secretary in the doorway
Holding a yellow tulip,
She’s weeping

A man in a neon pink t-shirt
Holds two Honeydew Melons

She feels like a shiny red apple
With Magic Marker all over its face
So she says

Like a gorilla wearing lipstick
And chandelier ear rings

I feel like a chandelier
A yellow triangle

You went back to being a nightmare
Clouds smiling,
Brushing their hair

Me and you

With Magic Marker
All over our faces