Friday, 1 May 2009


It’s a great big night outside
And I’m watching my neighbour
Polishing a dinosaur in the driveway

I understand him well,
His physics turning in to nothing
In a small mountain town like this

Tripping through the past
Champagne fizzing in his teeth
A little lonely inside this air

Looking at a giant frog in a top hat

Under the cold light of the moon
He’s being attacked by chimpanzees

Knowing that the lights come and go
And they do


Ben Brooks said...

Giant to other frogs or to humans?

Adam J Maynard said...

To other humans, definitely

Ben Brooks said...

Brilliant, thanks.

Adam J Maynard said...

No probs bub

I am covered in green seeds. A green tiger is knocking on my door

Ben Brooks said...

Answer it.
He is probably cold.
The green tiger is wearing an old macintosh with holes in it.

If you dont respond to submissions
does that mean they are awful?

Annie said...

oh the joy this brings to my weary soul.

Adam J Maynard said...

Oh thanx for your comment Annie, I was just going through. It's a relatively new comment.