Saturday, 14 March 2009


A tiny man is climbing my bookshelf
In the garden I see a ladybird
Smoking a cigarette, staring at the sun,

There are some pirates in a diner,
With bright sun thrown on the table
Laughing, fiddling with cups and fingers

Two people in bunny costumes blow bubbles
In the cold grey air which is a mystery

Now I see a tiny vapour horse
Blooming on my window sill


sasha fletcher said...

not only is this good,
but the sun is good too.

Ben Brooks said...

I like this too.
I like "blooming".
"Blooming" is a spring word.

Adam J Maynard said...

'cheers fellas',
the little man is now saying 'cheers fellas'

thanx to the gods of Spring

Ben Brooks said...

I want to buy lady-bird sized cigarettes. Smoking would be cheaper and more "fun" because it would prove more "difficult" than it does now. Now its easy. Its easy unless you are twelve. Then its still easy, but cigarettes are hard to buy.

Chris East said...

this all happened to me

Adam J Maynard said...

I know a ladybird who sells these cigarettes, and you're right, they ARE fun to smoke. But it's true, they are hard to smoke because they are so small. However, I have a potion you can take that makes you the size of a ladybird if you're interested?

Ben Brooks said...

The potion sounds interesting. I will only take it if you send along a list of ingredients with it. I cant drink it if it has penicillin or something in. I am also dubious because once the size of a ladybird, smoking ladybird size cigarettes will not be so fun.
Nonetheless I am willing to try anything "for the crack".

Adam J Maynard said...

The potion tastes good, like strawberries. There is no penicillin involved. Just think about all the fun you could have if you were ladybird sized.

Ben Brooks said...

I could go to ladybird community centres. I could get a ladybird girlfriend. Wait. Could I? Do ladybirds find ladybird-size humans attractive? I could go inside a VCR. There is like an infinite list of possibilities. I will definitely by your potion Adam. Are there side effects from consumption with alcohol?

Ben Brooks said...

I cant believe I said "by" instead of "buy". Thats so stupid. Can I send you stuff for My name is mud please?

Adam J Maynard said...

Sure, ladybirds find humans 'attractive' when they are the same size. I recently made love to a ladybird called Marcia inside a VCR. The place was totally amazing, all kitted out like a tiny house and everything. she was such a sweet little thing

please send in a submission to MNIM, submissions are open

Ben Brooks said...

What happened when some said "hey lets watch magnificent seven" and then put the video in? I can imagine that its easy for small humans to get ladybirds, like how its easy for british guys to get girls in America. I want to take the potion now. I want to fall in love. We can write a collective journal entitled "Adventures with ladybirds" or something.

Thanks, i'll send you something now.